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Creativity in Advertising

These notes will give you some good ideas about how to develop good creative advertising.  They are as relevent to Internet based advertising (both Push and Pull) as they have been to the older forms of advertising media. A lot is currently made of “Content Marketing“, but CM is going to just get very boring … Continue reading

Visuals in Advertising

The term visualising is used in two different senses by advertising professionals.  At times they talk of “visualisation” in the broad sense of “Shall we put the idea into words or into pictures?”  At other times they refer to the execution of the “visual” idea – the elements, such as layout, illustrations, colours, and the … Continue reading

Advertising – Creative Implementation

Appeals and Execution Once the major selling idea has been agreed upon, the creative team will then turns its attention to determining the specific type of appeal and execution style that will be used to carry out the creative concept. Marketing Communication Appeals The marketing communication appeal refers to the basis or approach used in … Continue reading


Evaluate your creative writing 1.         Does the ad successfully communicate the main benefit, clearly and without clutter? 2.         Is the ad aimed at the correct target market? 3.         Does the ad convey the right image? 4.         Is the support copy both believable and convincing? 5.         Is the “call for action” strong enough? 6.         Does the … Continue reading


2.      WHERE DO WE WANT TO BE?  THE FUTURE POSITION How do you want to improve your business?  Do you want: improved customer loyalty increased usage among existing customers new uses for the product new users for the product Can you improve your level of awareness? have people heard of you? what do they think … Continue reading


Here is the first of a series on how to write a creative brief for your department or agency.  This activity will also help you better understand what you need to do 1.      CURRENT POSITION Where are you now in the market? What advantages do you have over the competition? What do you know about … Continue reading

Advertising Copy 2

Successful advertising has to do many things: It must be visible in order to penetrate the market, then create awareness of the product in order to stimulate consumer interest, which will in turn influence attitudes and perceptions of the product and lead to a changed disposition toward the product that results in a decision to … Continue reading

In AIDC – getting attention isn’t enough

Ad agencies have always focused on interesting and attention-getting ads with the product/brand buried somewhere in the advert, usually divorced from the attention-getting element. So what happens? Buyers remember this greatly entertaining ad, but have no idea what it was for or who it was by. This is a huge waste of resources. It doesn’t … Continue reading