Japanese Dining Etiquette

Dr. Brian Monger In Japan, you say “itadakimasu” (“I gratefully receive”) before eating, and “gochisosama (deshita)” (“Thank you for the meal”) after finishing the meal. Individual versus shared dishes It is not uncommon in private households and in certain restaurants (e.g. izakaya) to share several dishes of food at the table rather than serving each … Continue reading

Effective Planning

Dr. Brian Monger Requirements of Effective Planning The major requirements for effective marketing planning can be classified under three broad headings: strategic requirements; managerial requirements; and operational (tactical) requirements Strategic Requirements Strategy comes from a Greek word, referring to the office of a general. It refers to the big picture. All too often, even for … Continue reading

Value as a Key Marketing Concept

The Concept of Value The concept of value is ever-present in the minds of most consumers.  Such phrases as “value for the money,” “best value,” and “you get what you pay for,” are fairly commonplace.  The word value is used in a variety of ways by customers and has a number of interpretations. An important … Continue reading

Understanding Effective Employee Motivation

Dr. Brian Monger A major role of managers is directing and leading the efforts of staff to achieve results. These managers must recognise that company success depends in a very large part on their ability to motivate staff to use the knowledge and skills that they acquired through orientation and training. The Environment for Motivation … Continue reading

Managing Internal Marketing

What Is Internal Marketing? The term was coined as an umbrella concept for a variety of internal activities, which as such are not new, but which offer a new approach to developing a service orientation and an interest in customers and marketing among the personnel.  Internal marketing starts from a notion that the employees are … Continue reading

Understanding Perception for Marketing

Sensation and Perception Dr. Brian Monger Sensation is the immediate response of our sensory receptors (e.g., eyes, ears, nose, mouth, ringers) to such basic stimuli as light, colour, and sound. Perception is the process by which these stimuli are selected, organised, and interpreted.  Like a computer, we process raw data (sensation).  However, the study of … Continue reading

Interaction in the Service Encounter

Dr Brian Monger Interaction between customer and organisation lies at the heart of service delivery.  The interaction may take many forms, from a brief encounter with a directions sign to a protracted encounter with a service employee.  Whatever the nature and type of contact, each represents a moment of truth for the customer.  According toLynn  Shostack, … Continue reading

LinkedIn Moderation and Management

Some thoughts from Dr. Brian Monger I own, manage and moderate a number of groups on LinkedIn.    I contribute to a few others and have an “Influencer reach of something like 1 million direct readers.  I think I know a bit about managing and moderation I started moderating when I started to find out what … Continue reading

The Marketing Program Life Cycle for NFP’s

The Marketing Program Life Cycle for Not-For-Profits The Product Life Cycle (PLC) concept is one of the most familiar concepts in marketing.  Its potential contribution to public agency management is considerable. The concept is derived from an analogy with human biological development, which may be described as a period of ascending, a period of maturing, … Continue reading