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Effective Planning

Dr. Brian Monger Requirements of Effective Planning The major requirements for effective marketing planning can be classified under three broad headings: strategic requirements; managerial requirements; and operational (tactical) requirements Strategic Requirements Strategy comes from a Greek word, referring to the office of a general. It refers to the big picture. All too often, even for … Continue reading

Managing Internal Marketing

What Is Internal Marketing? The term was coined as an umbrella concept for a variety of internal activities, which as such are not new, but which offer a new approach to developing a service orientation and an interest in customers and marketing among the personnel.  Internal marketing starts from a notion that the employees are … Continue reading

The Marketing Program Life Cycle for NFP’s

The Marketing Program Life Cycle for Not-For-Profits The Product Life Cycle (PLC) concept is one of the most familiar concepts in marketing.  Its potential contribution to public agency management is considerable. The concept is derived from an analogy with human biological development, which may be described as a period of ascending, a period of maturing, … Continue reading

In branding – look to success in the margins

Dr. Brian Monger Lets face it – In the real world, competitive brands seldom differ much from each other. Any market successful innovation tends to be quickly cloned. Nor does much advertising give very different images or values to functionally similar brands, despite what tends to be said about this. Differentiation? It is often said … Continue reading

Setting Fees for Consulting Services

Continued from The Role Of Fees In Practice Development It is at this stage that an inexorable rule has to be considered no matter how much information, how much skill and how much science go into establishing what the fee will be. High fees – opportunity for high profit = low chance of success. Low fees … Continue reading

Developing an Effective Service Culture

Managing Service Culture:  The Internal Service Imperative Dr. Brian Monger Corporate culture is used to describe a set of more or less common norms and vales shared by people in an organisation.  Hence culture is an overall concept that explains why people do certain things, think in common ways, and appreciate common goals, routines and … Continue reading

Competition Pricing

Understanding anticipating and influencing competitors’ pricing Dr Brian Monger Pricing a product in competition can be more difficult than pricing one isolated by its uniqueness.  In the absence of direct competition, one can estimate how a price change will affect sales simply by analyzing buyers’ price sensitivity.  When, however, a product is just one among … Continue reading

Asian Strategy – The 36 Strategies

Developed by Dr Brian Monger (Mengbo Yuan) The 36 Strategies is an ancient Chinese collection of strategies for dealing with all manner of situations.  It is a well-known part of the folk literature of China, and is believed to be about 1,500 years old.  It is traditionally composed of six sections, each containing six related … Continue reading

DIY Marketing Research – Online Questionnaire Development

Prepared by Dr Brian Monger Online Marketing Research Online Marketing Research uses a specific form of media to conduct market research.  While this media requires some different approaches than traditional Marketing Research, the basic concepts of MR will always apply.  I suggest the reader become familiar with these concepts before launching into online research. Of … Continue reading