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The Marketing Mix – Delivering Value

Dr. Brian Monger The importance of Placement Place(ment) is one of the important ‘four P’s’.  We need to consider how products can be brought to the ‘right’ place – where the customer wants them to be. The objective of effective distribution is “to get the right product to the right market at the right time, at … Continue reading

Understanding Not For Profit Marketing

Not-for-Profit marketing  – NFP (sometimes called non-business marketing) is defined quite simply as the application of marketing concepts and management to not-for-profit organisations.  In other words, organisations use  the tools of marketing managers – such as the marketing mix – in order to meet those goals Not-for-profit marketing can involve the marketing of people (politicians … Continue reading

eBusiness V the Traditional Business

eBusiness Changes to Traditional Business The following are changes wrought by the Internet to business/marketing: A power shift from sellers to buyers Both individual and business buyers can be more demanding than ever because they are just one click away from a plethora of alternative global suppliers, all vying for their business. In this environment, … Continue reading

Creating Better SMM Engagement

How to Understand and Develop Better Social Marketing Media Engagement The term “engagement” is used a lot in social media as what marketers should do.  This article is about what you should understand and consider in relation to social marketing media behaviours and you should be doing in order to effectively “engage” and converse with … Continue reading

How to motivate channel partners

How to motivate a channel partner 1. Understand the Relationship. You are using a channel because you want the channel to carry the cost of sales, while the channel wants you to minimise their sales costs by getting you perform services for them. Because your agendas are different, you must craft a relationship that makes … Continue reading