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Consulting: Understanding Negotiation

Dr. Brian Monger What is Negotiation? Successful negotiation is the process by which two or more parties arrive at a mutual agreement, by means of discussion and bargaining, within an agreed time scale. Negotiation is usually the final stage in the selling process.  Once the customer has agreed that your product is the one he … Continue reading

“Good People” Don’t “Market” Do they?

Dr. Brian Monger In over some 40+ years of marketing I have noticed that many folk still don’t “get” marketing.  Some areas in particular (artistic souls and princely professional practitioners) continue to eschew this most basic of business practises. Despite tough times in many areas, there remains a strong feeling among certain folk that marketing, … Continue reading

Moving Beyond Limited Marketing Thinking

Using Relational Marketing and Mutual Relationship Marketing to Achieve Better Customer Retention What is the most important relationship element of a successful business?  – Customers. Without customers, there are no sales, no achieving objectives; eventually no employees either. Whether short term or long term, all business is about relationships and exchanges of value, externally as … Continue reading

Developing Strategy and Tactics in Planning

Dr. Brian Monger Strategy is about the long term direction and scope of an organisation that will enable it to fulfil its vision and maximise the possibility of its future success. It is the unique and sustainable ways by which organisations create value.  Strategies define the goals of the organisation over the long term.  It is … Continue reading

Understanding Not For Profit Marketing

Not-for-Profit marketing  – NFP (sometimes called non-business marketing) is defined quite simply as the application of marketing concepts and management to not-for-profit organisations.  In other words, organisations use  the tools of marketing managers – such as the marketing mix – in order to meet those goals Not-for-profit marketing can involve the marketing of people (politicians … Continue reading

So You Want to Become a Consultant?

Having been a consultant (marketing and management) for very many years I regularly get asked questions about how to become a consultant and how to do it.  This article contains some of the advice I regularly give.  I hope you find it interesting and useful. Let me know if you have any comments or questions, … Continue reading

eBusiness V the Traditional Business

eBusiness Changes to Traditional Business The following are changes wrought by the Internet to business/marketing: A power shift from sellers to buyers Both individual and business buyers can be more demanding than ever because they are just one click away from a plethora of alternative global suppliers, all vying for their business. In this environment, … Continue reading

Selling Professional Services

The Fundamentals of Success Clients buy your ‘technical and professional  competence’.  Whatever they want done, from a straightforward project (are any entirely straightforward?) to a complex consultancy involvement, they want to be sure they are dealing with the right organisation and the right people.  They will define this as the one with whom there is … Continue reading

Developing a Sales Presentation Strategy

Developing an effective sales presentation takes a great deal of time and energy.  Attention to detail helps set the stage for success In selling.  A salesperson cannot leave the sales presentation to the inspiration of the moment.  Hit-or-miss sales talks are not convincing and usually destroy buyer confidence. A well-planned sales presentation is not memorised.  … Continue reading