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Managing Internal Marketing for Better Service Delivery – Part 2

Dr. Brian Monger Prerequisites for Successful Internal Marketing If internal marketing activities are implemented as a campaign only, or, even worse, as entirely separated activities without connections to other management factors, the risk that nothing enduring will be achieved is overwhelming.  The organisational structure and the strategy of the firm have to support the establishment … Continue reading

Managing Internal Marketing for Better Service Delivery – Part 1

Dr Brian Monger What is Intenal Marketing? An increasing number of firms have recognised the need for internal marketing processes. Today, internal marketing is considered a prerequisite for successful external marketing performance Internal marketing is a management strategy.  The focus is on how to develop customer-conscious employees.  Goods and services as well as specific external … Continue reading

On Being a Better Manager

Dr. Brian Monger What should good managers do? How do I manage better? These are standard questions that most of us in the management profession have been asked more than once. Here, then, is my take, on what it takes to be a better manager. Art and science Management is both art and science. It … Continue reading

Understanding Effective Employee Motivation

Dr. Brian Monger A major role of managers is directing and leading the efforts of staff to achieve results. These managers must recognise that company success depends in a very large part on their ability to motivate staff to use the knowledge and skills that they acquired through orientation and training. The Environment for Motivation … Continue reading

Managing Internal Marketing

What Is Internal Marketing? The term was coined as an umbrella concept for a variety of internal activities, which as such are not new, but which offer a new approach to developing a service orientation and an interest in customers and marketing among the personnel.  Internal marketing starts from a notion that the employees are … Continue reading

Learning to Like Criticism

Dr. Brian Monger Seeking criticism No one enjoys being criticised! Yet, if you want to succeed, you’ve got to overcome all your natural instincts and actively seek out feedback, good and bad. If you want to advance, you need to develop a positive, flexible, and creative attitude toward feedback. Here are some practical ways to … Continue reading

Setting Fees for Consulting Services

Continued from The Role Of Fees In Practice Development It is at this stage that an inexorable rule has to be considered no matter how much information, how much skill and how much science go into establishing what the fee will be. High fees – opportunity for high profit = low chance of success. Low fees … Continue reading

Improved Reading Skills for Managers

Dr. Brian Monger Content marketing and Social Media serve up a lot of material.  A lot of it more that 140 characters. If you have a lot of reading or study to get through, you will need to develop different types of reading skills.  Reading technical material, as distinct from novels, requires that you quickly … Continue reading

Formulating Great Strategy

The process of developing or formulating effective strategies looks at the situation as presented by the information we have.  We then need to consider what the most effective strategies will be. Levels of Organisational Strategy Strategy for small organisations is a relatively simple matter as there is usually only one market/offer involved.  As organisations become … Continue reading