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LinkedIn Moderation and Management

Some thoughts from Dr. Brian Monger I own, manage and moderate a number of groups on LinkedIn.    I contribute to a few others and have an “Influencer reach of something like 1 million direct readers.  I think I know a bit about managing and moderation I started moderating when I started to find out what … Continue reading

Better Social Media Marketing

Dr. Brian Monger Before embarking on any social media marketing Before embarking on any social media marketing campaigns, it is essential to set your goals and define your prospects or target audience. Without a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and who you want to reach, your promotional campaigns will not be focused … Continue reading

“Good People” Don’t “Market” Do they?

Dr. Brian Monger In over some 40+ years of marketing I have noticed that many folk still don’t “get” marketing.  Some areas in particular (artistic souls and princely professional practitioners) continue to eschew this most basic of business practises. Despite tough times in many areas, there remains a strong feeling among certain folk that marketing, … Continue reading

What Do Your Customers/Clients Want?

What Do Your Clients Clients Want from You? What do they Like? Some thoughts on Better Business from Dr. Brian Monger Good Marketing should (I believe) start with two essential questions: Who are they? (its about segmentation and targetting) What do they want? ( Thats what this article is based on)  The following points are … Continue reading

Writing Good Copy

By Brian Monger As a writer, you’re once removed from the consumer and you have only one chance to present your message.  If your copy is obscure or uncertain, you don’t have a chance to clarify your meaning. The good copywriter surrounds a possibly ambiguous term with its intended meaning.  So, instead of just saying … Continue reading

In Marketing Communication Perception is Truth

The Value and Importance of Perceptions versus Facts One of the major issues marketers need to keep in focus is the (increasing) reliance of consumers and prospects on overall perceptions rather than just facts when they make purchasing decisions.  Simply put, prospects are basing most of their purchasing decisions on what they perceive to be … Continue reading

eBusiness V the Traditional Business

eBusiness Changes to Traditional Business The following are changes wrought by the Internet to business/marketing: A power shift from sellers to buyers Both individual and business buyers can be more demanding than ever because they are just one click away from a plethora of alternative global suppliers, all vying for their business. In this environment, … Continue reading