Creating a Sustainable Strategy

Contrary to popular conception, opportunity often knocks more than once.  However it may knock more softly the second time or use a different door.

“Chance favours only the mind that is prepared”   – Louis Pasteur.

Competition is the very essence of success or failure of organisations.Strategic Planning assumes a competitive environment.  An organisation has no need to engage in strategic planning if it does not have (or expect competition).

Strategy can be defined as the way an organisation sets out to differentiate itself (positively) from its competitors, using its relative strengths to satisfy market needs.

Taken as a map, what is important for the strategist, is to plan a position which takes into account all of the players. .

A successful strategy is one which gives a stronger matching of organisational strengths with market needs than that provided by the competition.

Forging ahead without a plan is like driving in a fog.

‘One does not plan then try to make circumstances fit these plans.  One tries to make plans fit the circumstances.’    – George Patton.

The best strategies are flexible and allow for innovation.  They are based on information, which gives us a series of probabilities to work with.

Strategy is vulnerable to reality As much as we don’t like to admit it, we are not and cannot be in total control.

Good strategies must be broad, directional and have room to move.

Complex strategies are largely exercises in self and organisational delusion

What gives a strategy its competitive impact is the creative element and the will of the mind that conceived it to make it work.

Corporate strategy is an attempt to better a company’s position relative to competitors activity.

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