What Do Your Customers/Clients Want?

What Do Your Clients Clients Want from You?
What do they Like?

Some thoughts on Better Business from Dr. Brian Monger

Good Marketing should (I believe) start with two essential questions:

  • Who are they? (its about segmentation and targetting)
  • What do they want? ( Thats what this article is based on)

 The following points are based on my many years in marketing – consulting, practising, and training.  I hope you find them useful

Obviously different situations will provide different answers to those questions, but there are a number of things that are common in what customers want when they deal with you.  They will apply equally to eMarketing/eBusiness as to traditional business.  Check them out and perhaps let me know waht you think and what you might add, or vary.  I will redit this and add the good ones.

In order to succeed in marketing it is vital that we understand some of the thinking and psychology behind the reason why clients like things.  The following suggestions will help you succeed more often in your dealings with clients:

1)         Clients always like things that represent value – that is what they perceive they are getting is greater than what they have to invest.  This is much more relevant than a simple low price.

2)         Clients want as much quality as they can get for their investment.

3)         Clients like to feel good as often as possible.

4)         Clients often like things which they associate with past good feelings, and nostalgia.

5)         Clients like things when they represent the next natural stage in their ongoing relationship with what they want to be.

6)         Clients like things that appeal to (all or some of) their senses.

7)         Clients like things which are a demonstration of their preferred lifestyle and/or of the ideological stance they have taken or which they wish they had.

8)         Clients tend to like things to agree with what their peer group expects.

9)         Clients tend to like things because they are already familiar and comfortable with them.

10)     Clients also like things because the people they dislike don’t like them.

Wait theres More!

 Every time clients do business with an organisation, they are, expecting to fulfil some basic needs:

Friendliness: The most basic of all customer needs, friendliness is usually associated with being greeted politely and courteously.

Understanding and empathy: Another basic customer need.  Usually associated with being treated politely and courteously.

Fairness: The need to be treated fairly.

Control: Control represents the customer’s need to feel they have an impact on the way things turn out.

Options and alternatives: Clients need to feel that other options are available to getting what they want accomplished.

Information: Clients want to be informed about the product benefits and features as well as other key factors involved in the exchange with your organisation.

 And Yet More!

Under the heading of value, clients buy for reasons including:

  • Profit, gain or economy/savings
  • Design or appearance
  • Pleasure, comfort and pain avoidance (physical and emotional)
  • Safety or security
  • Convenience
  • Love and affection
  • Social approval
  • Pride, prestige/status
  • Speed of Operation
  • Ease of Operation
  • Compatibility with Present System
  •  Availability/Delivery Speed
  • Absolute Price/Price Flexibility
  • Service/maintenance support/Software support
  • Broad Line of Equipment Supplier Stability
  • Competence of Personnel
  • Personal Interaction – Liking
  • Personal relevance
  • Situational factors/Immediacy
  • Curiosity/Discovery
  • Creativity
  • Exclusivity
  • Empathy with the “brand”
  • Consistency of Delivered Value
  • Performance/dependability/ Reliability of Operation
  • Reliability of supply
  • Environmental concerns

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