Why do Buyers Buy?

Internal/external motivators

To understand why Buyers behave as they do, it is important first to ask why a person acts at all.  The answer is: “because they are motivated.”  A motive is an aroused need, drive or desire.  It, in turn, activates behaviour intended to satisfy that aroused need that an individual or organisation seeks to satisfy.

One or more motives within a person trigger behaviour toward a goal expected to bring satisfaction.

A purchase is seldom the result of any single motive.  Furthermore, the various motives may conflict with one another.  The behaviour of a particular buyer may change as individual motives become relatively more or less important.  Buyer behaviour also changes over a period of time because of changes in experience, income, changes in life-cycle stage and other factors.

People buy for basic reasons and, like all marketing fundamentals, the reasons appear simple and clear cut.  At the base, all buyers buy to achieve value.  (This is rarely just a low price!) Value is all you get in return for your total investment.

Under the heading of value, buyers buy for reasons including:

  • Profit, gain or economy/savings
  • Design or appearance
  • Pleasure, comfort and pain avoidance (physical and emotional)
  • Safety or security
  • Convenience
  • Love and affection
  • Sex appeal
  • Social approval
  • Pride, prestige/status
  • Speed of Operation
  • Ease of Operation
  • Compatibility with Present System
  •  Availability/Delivery Speed
  • Absolute Price/Price Flexibility
  • Service/maintenance support/Software support
  • Broad Line of Equipment Supplier Stability
  • Competence of Personnel
  • Personal Interaction – Liking
  • Personal relevance
  • Situational factors/Immediacy
  • Curiosity/Discovery
  • Creativity
  • Exclusivity
  • Empathy with brand
  • Consistency of Delivered Value
  • Performance/dependability/ Reliability of Operation
  • Reliability of supply
  • Environmental concerns

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