What is Brand Salience?

Brand salience

Salience is about how many consumers regard it well, or “well enough,” or see it as “salient”

According to Neil Barnard and and John Scriven (Ehrenberg, A., Barnard, N., and Scriven, J. (1997). ‘Differentiation or salience’, Journal of Advertising Research, 37/6: 7–14.)  If Brand A has more salience than B, it has more people who:

  •  Are “aware” of it (for just about any awareness measure)
  • Have it in their active brand repertoires (for frequently bought products)
  • And/or have it in their consideration sets (i.e., brands they might buy)
  • Are familiar with the brand
  • Feel it has brand assurance (e.g., retail availability, after-sales service, etc.)
  • Have positive attribute beliefs about Brand A
  • Regard it as value for money
  • Harbour intentions to buy and/or to use it in the future (and do so)
  • Would buy-A-if-their-usual-brand-wasnot-available
  • Choose A in a named product test
  • Note and recall its advertisements (by and large)
  • “Talk more often and more richly about it in focus groups
  • Are “loyal” to A (by any measure of loyalty)

Salience is about how many consumers regard it well, or “well enough,” or see it as “salient”

So – the real differences need to occur in what we see as the margin .  That is ensuring competitive brands will differ in emotional features (e.g., brands have different personalities) which link with specific target segment desires. The real differentiation is understanding that a brand’s true salience and value lives inside consumers minds and help them identify products that promise them a certain set of benefits.



January 2012

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