What is a Promotional Mix?

The Promotion Mix?

Organisations vary with respect to the relative importance they place on the different elements in the marketing mix.  The same is true of the promotion mix.  For example, firms in the cosmetics industry typically spend a higher percentage of their sales revenues on promotion than do firms in the bulk chemicals business.

Avon, for example, has taditionally emphasised personal selling, whereas Revlon emphasises advertising.

Some promotion mix elements are better suited than others to accomplishing certain promotion objectives.  For example, advertising might be emphasised in creating rapid consumer awareness of a new product.  Personal selling might be needed to answer prospective buyers’ questions at the point of purchase and to create the conviction to buy.

What promotion can do:

v  gain new users and encourage repeat use.

v  encourage more frequent or multiple purchases.

v  introduce new or improved products or product uses.

v  counter competitive activity.

v  obtain feature pricing, display or other trade support.

v  capitalise on seasonal, geographical or creative advantages.

v  induce “trade-ups” to larger size or longer contract.

v  reduce or increase trade inventories.

v  expand or improve distribution.

v  motivate dealers, brokers, the sales force or franchise holders.

What promotion cannot do:

v  turn poor shelf pricing into profitable volume.

v  compensate for inadequate levels of advertising.

v  overcome problems in packaging, quality or performance.

v  reverse a downward sales trend for any length of time.

v  compensate for an inadequately staffed or improperly trained sales force or dealer.

v  overcome poor distribution


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