Blueprinting a Service

All services (e.g. front of house guest services, maintenance, cleaning, catering) should be designed to maximise the customers experience.

To achieve this a blueprint of their service activities should be created

The Service Blueprint is a graphical tool for depicting the service process, the touch-points of customer contact, and the evidence of service from the customer’s point of view.

It looks at the basic systems of the organisation and develops a process.  Blue printing sets out to answer the questions:  “Who does what, to whom, how often, and under what conditions?”

The Blueprint components consist of:

  • Customer actions – Interactions
  • Front of House contact – line of visibility
  • Back Stage – Support activities

The Service Blueprint is used for:

  • new service development
  • concept development
  • market testing
  • supporting a “Zero Defects” culture
  • managing reliability
  • developing service recovery strategies
  • identifying service problems
  • modifying (improving) processes

The benefits of blueprinting are:

  • clarifying elements of the service.
  • showing the sequence of delivery.
  • identifying likely fail points.
  • identifying capacity bottlenecks.
  • giving an overall rather than piecemeal view.
  • improving internal communication
  • developing measurement design

From “Marketing Success in Black and White”  Orginally published by Pearsons – Now available in an inexpensive digital version

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