Super Bowl Mini Darth Vader Sucked

Re the mini Darth Vader advert shown during the Super Bowl 2011

OK I have seen it now. What is that – VW are human/cute? They have remote locking?

It cost a lot of money so “people” could discuss it next day? It is not even great entertainment – Will I want to show my wife? Probably not. Will it come up in “What do you think the great ads have been?” in two years? I am betting not

Why would I go to the VW website?

Getting attention and Standing out is not that hard folks – its only the beginning of the model however.

Another example of an ad agency seeking something… but not sales for VW

Memorable? You know the song “Unforgettable”? Well … Not

OK – Ieventually  got it really – this is a car for nice middle class folk who spoil their kids.  Thats what $3m gets you.


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