The commitment to succeed

Success in any activity comes from people’s commitment to succeed.  People succeed if they think they will.  They will make something happen, often despite bad instructions or plans – if they believe they can.

Internal marketing is an important ‘implementation’ tool. It aids communication and helps to overcome any resistance. It informs ands involves all staff in new initiatives and strategies. Internal marketing obeys the same rules as, and has a similar structure to, external marketing. The main differences are that your audience are staff and colleagues from your own organisation.

Marketing strategy processes are more effective when:

  • staff display high levels of clarity about their task expectations;
  • staff understand the corporate Mission; Vision; Goals; Objectives and Targets
  • staff understand the brand promise
  • staff display high levels of clarity about the criteria by which they will be evaluated;
  • staff believe that they have access to the information and resources necessary to perform their jobs.

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