Marketing Planning – DIY Outline

Marketing Planning

The Marketing Association of ANZ (MAANZ International) has a full template/workbook and notes – very low price –

A business development or marketing plan is a written document of the action to be taken and all of the activities associated with implementation of the marketing mix.  It outlines who is responsible for managing the specific activities in the plan and provides a timetable indicating when those activities must be performed.

There is no one, single method of preparing and presenting an organisation development plan.  Much will depend on the type of market and the type of organisation.

The following shows how to develop a good plan.  It can be used to develop your own variation.

We suggest that as modern marketing (consumer/buyer focused) is target market/segment specific for strategy – that the marketing plan needs to be specific to each target market.  One plan won’t suffice for different markets unless you make specific sections for each different market

Marketing Programs

Marketing Programs generally comprise the following elements:

Statement of Organisational Mission/Vision Goals and Objectives

Market Research Findings

This part of the plan focuses on elements such as the target segment and the marketing mix considerations (Product, Placement Price and Promotion).

The Marketing Mix

Product Plan (The Value Offer)

Pricing Plan

Promotional (Communicating Value) Plan

Place/placement Sales/distribution

Product development


Place/Placement (Distribution Plan – Delivering Value)

Sales Forecasting: Facing the Future

Marketing managers need information about the future to make today’s decisions.  They need to ask: “What will be the size of the market next year?” “How large a share of the market will we have in five years?” “What changes in the market can we anticipate?” Sales forecasting is a source for answers to questions like these.

Marketing Plan Components – outline

Title Page – Title, date and authorship

Executive SummaryA very short key points synopsis. (Key strategy)

Table of contents – A detailed road map of the plan

Organisational Mission/Goals –

Reference to General Business Plan

Introduction -Situation Analysis

–  Background

–  Normal forecast

–  Opportunities and threats

–  Strengths and weaknesses

Corporate Objectives and targets – Clear statements of the (SMART) Objectives of the plan

Marketing Objectives and targets- Sales Objectives/targets for all value offering Lines

Sales Objectives for Strategically Critical Value offerings

Sales Objectives for All Distribution Channels

Sales Objectives for Sales Force

Sales Projections – Sales Projections – All Value offering Lines

Sales Projections by Geography   (Division, Region, Territory)

Marketing Strategy – Target Segment Profiles for all Value offerings

Marketing Research Information

Segmentation and Targeting information

Marketing Strategy Overview – Key Performance Criteria; key points of importance in formulating strategy

Marketing Mix Strategies

Brand Elements

Product – (Value offering) Line Marketing Strategies

Pricing – Value offering Line Pricing Objectives and Strategies

Prices and Price Changes for Value offering Lines

Channels of Distribution – Distribution Objectives and Strategies

Description of Channels of Distribution Needed

Promotion Program

Advertising Objectives and Strategies

Advertising Media Program and Budget

Advertising Expenditures by Month by Media

Advertising Agency Information

Sales Promotion Objectives and Strategies

Sales Promotion Expenditures by Item by Month


Sales Program

Implementation – Action Program

Marketing Activities Timetable

– How the plan will be implemented

– Timetable

Marketing Budgets – How the money will be allocated.

Resources Needed

Marketing Personnel

Controls– How will we measure and assess

– How will we make corrections?


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