Sales metrics

Sales metrics

The performance evaluation procedure designed to identify the areas in which sales performance problems exist is sales analysis. When an organisation has a complex line of value offers or serves a variety of distinct sales segments, then the source of the poor performance is seldom obvious without sales analysis.

Sales metrics  clarify where performance is at, above or below target.  The manager would usually want a further breakdown of sales trends among the specific retailers within the problem territories to gain more understanding of the source of the sales shortfalls.

Examples of sales metrics include:

  • Sales revenue
  • Sales volume
  • Sales expenses
  • Number of sales calls
  • Profit by Product type
  • Sales by product
  • Sales by model or other product variation
  • Sales by type of customer industry
  • Sales by individual salesperson
  • Sales by sales territory
  • Sales by package size
  • Sales by size of order
  • Sales margins
  • Sales Forecasts – Accuracy
  • Volume ($), Total
  • Volume ($) to Quota
  • Product Knowledge/Salesmen
  • Sales Calls-Total #
  • Calls-Current Customers
  • Number of Product Demos
  • Sales presentations to customers.

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