What Do Buyers Like?

In order to succeed in marketing it is vital that we understand some of the thinking and psychology behind the reason why buyers like things.  The following suggestions will help you succeed more often in your dealings with your customers:

1)         Buyers always like things that represent value – that is what they perceive they are getting is greater than what they have to invest.  This is much more relevant than a simple low price.

2)         Buyers want as much quality as they can get for their investment.

3)         Buyers like to feel good as often as possible.  When you feel good you smile.

4)         Buyers often like things which they associate with past good feelings, and nostalgia.

5)         Buyers like things when they represent the next natural stage in their ongoing relationship with what they want to be.

6)         Buyers like things that appeal to (all or some of) their senses.

7)         Buyers like things which are a demonstration of their preferred lifestyle and/or of the ideological stance they have taken or which they wish they had.

8)         Buyers tend to like things to agree with what their friends and other peer groups expect.

9)         Buyers tend to like things because they are already familiar and comfortable with them.

10)       Buyers also like things because the buyers they dislike don’t like them.

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