Things That Drive a Successful Organisation

Things That Drive a Successful Organisation

* Desire to be the best

* Effective values are practiced and demonstrated by all

* The organisational culture fosters employee empowerment and involvement

* Excellence is viewed not as a destination, rather a continuous journey

* The organisation is solution-focused

* There is a high level of employee engagement

* Perpetual innovation in products.

* Perpetual innovation in the way you think

* Perpetual innovation in and the way you lead

* Goals are set for both leaders and staff that measure adherence to employee satisfaction, customer service and effective leadership

* There is on-going learning from the “Best Practices” of top performing companies but you discover your own best practices and build on them

* Dynamic leadership is displayed and continuously reinforced

* Individuals in all roles look for every opportunity to help the sales force / business development group

* All individuals are committed to exhibiting behaviours that help retain customers and breed customer loyalty

* All individuals recognize they are “ambassadors” who must project a positive image of their company

* Every effort to exceed expectations is made.

* People work together as a team with a shared vision for a common goal for the betterment of their company

* People take ownership for their role, strive to find new ways to be better contributors

* Individuals answer not only to management but also to each other for their attitude and performance


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