Media and the Marketing Mix

Although media is not always considered to be a fundamental element of the marketing mix, there are many times that it should because it plays a significant role in the selling process when advertising is required.

The key to understanding the relationship between media and the marketing mix is that media does not work alone.  It is part of a team of selling variables, which are helpful in the selling process.  Planners often get so involved with the complexity of their work that they tend to forget this.  In addition, media’s role is important because it controls the efficient delivery of advertisements to those who will probably buy.  Therefore, targeting correctly is one way that the marketing-media team effort is fulfilled.  Inefficient targeting means wasted effort and money.  Media adds a qualitative value to an advertisement because of some quality in the medium.  An example is Good Housekeeping’s “Seal of Approval” that helps consumers make better buying decisions.  Other qualitative values may exist for specialised media that contribute to the medium’s integral role in the advertising message.


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