Building Trust and Teamwork – 2

Organisations Needs Teamwork to Survive

You have probably heard the statement that there is “no ‘I’ in the word ‘Team’.” This is a good though and reasonably true (although we need to remember that people do not lose their individuality while working with others – and nor should they).  In reality high level collaboration is rare.  So called teams are usually populated with folk who know that the only people they trust are themselves.  I becomes number 1.

Face it, in the vast majority of firms individual success is rewarded better than team participation. Organisations need to be able to develop policies, methods and tools for individuals to want to grow and develop within teams.

Some suggestions

  • Only form teams to solve real problems when a team is the best answer.

Don’t automatically involve everyone from the sake of it.  Others not in a team who need to know about it can be simply just kept in the loop and have their suggestions taken without having to populate the team

  • The manager should provide people who will be in teams with teamwork training beforehand on systematic methods of team work. The team should focus on accomplishing the project, as well as how to work together as a team.
  • Review projects in progress

It is a manager’s responsibility to recognise when a group is not working and not developing healthy working relationships.

  • Make the effort to build fun and the time to share experiences into the teams agenda

Folk should like being on a team.  It is more than a waste of time and a chore

  • Celebrate group successes

Recognise the group as a whole for their accomplishments.


Brian Monger – FMA CPPM

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