Building Trust and Teamwork 1

Building Trust and Teamwork 1

Trust is a big issue in today’s business world. It is difficult to have effective working relationships without trust. Therefore, trust is critical for every organisation.

Successful teamwork involves building trust among team members and associates.

One of the main keys to the survival of a business is trust. Trust is a critical issue in any type of relationship because a relationship without trust is not really a relationship at all. One of the problems that managers encounter when dealing with teams is that trust is not automatic and may never develop at all. Even with the appropriate individuals on a team, a team that does not build a trusting relationship is not an effective team.

Trust is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Feeling able to rely upon others;
  • Communicating openly;
  • Effectively co-operating as a group;
  • Being able to take personal risks in making information available and putting forward ideas;



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