Eight Steps in Service Quality Improvement

Eight Steps in Service Quality Improvement

1.  Research customer’s needs and expectations. – Which elements are the most important?  How is the organisation performing against expectations?

2.  Translate customer requirements and expectations into specifications and policies. Management specifies quality measures and sets procedures and objectives in terms of quality standards.

3.  Implement objectives, procedures and standards. All staff need to know what is expected of them if they are to do it right on a consistent basis.

4.  Training – All managers and staff must be motivated and trained on an ongoing basis. Everyone must know the quality standards for their jobs. Employee awareness of the need for service quality is a major means to achieve customer satisfaction.

6.  Teamwork – Managers develop and maintain teams of employees to work on quality improvement projects.

7. Measure results – Regularly compare what is actually happening with what is supposed to be happening.

8. Reward performance – Recognising individuals and groups that work diligently toward achieving the standards that have been set. Springhill gives “We Care” awards to individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty. They give “Best of the Best” awards to teams with the best performance.


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