Evaluate your creative writing

1.         Does the ad successfully communicate the main benefit, clearly and without clutter?

2.         Is the ad aimed at the correct target market?

3.         Does the ad convey the right image?

4.         Is the support copy both believable and convincing?

5.         Is the “call for action” strong enough?

6.         Does the ad exploit the relevant product benefits to the full?

7.         Does it flow correctly, following a logical sequence?

8.         Is it interesting?

9.         Is it visually relevant to the product and the benefit?

10.       Is it honest?

11.       Is it tasteful?

12.       Is the product sufficiently prominent?

13.       Does the ad achieve maximum visual impact?

And lastly, remember another important message:

No creative person can guarantee success.  But the better they are, the more they eliminate some of the risks of failure.



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