Better Advertising Copy

An ad is only good when it solves the specific problem you want to solve.

It will be your job to make sure that the advertising you commission solves your organisations problem in the most effective way possible.  This is not easy, but if you take a methodical approach you have less chance of going wrong.

There are a great many elements that have to come together in order for successful creative work to be produced.  If you’re the client, you have to co-ordinate all these elements, or at least oversee them, to ensure that your advertising investment brings you the highest possible return.

Let’s backtrack a moment and consider what advertising is.  It comes between you and your consumers.  It’s your chance to present your company and your product in a way which will help you make maximum profits.  It gives your product the chance to either succeed or not in the highly competitive marketplace.

Basically, all advertising is about communicating:

the RIGHT information

in the RIGHT way

to the RIGHT people

in the RIGHT place

at the RIGHT time

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