Advertising Copy 2

Successful advertising has to do many things:

It must be visible in order to penetrate the market, then create awareness of the product in order to stimulate consumer interest, which will in turn influence attitudes and perceptions of the product and lead to a changed disposition toward the product that results in a decision to buy.

All advertising, has to do all these things. Direct response advertising concentrates heavily on changing dispositions and pressing for a decision to buy.  General advertising tends to concentrate on creating awareness and influencing attitudes and perceptions.

The reason for this difference is primarily one of distribution.  Most general advertisers are either not in control of the buying situation or they are not in a position to push for a committed buying decision at the exact time the consumer sees the advertising.  Direct response advertisers, however, are usually in control of the buying situation and are in a position to “ask for the order” at the time the consumer sees the advertising.

But despite these differences, the process of creating advertising is the same for direct response and general advertising.  There are simply shifts of emphasis.

So, bearing in mind the process of thought your advertising has to prompt in the consumers’ minds, how do you make sure your advertising is the best you can do?  The most important element, after making sure the people you’ve chosen to create your ad are capable of producing the standard of work you want, is the brief to your creative team.

Brian Monger


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