Make Your Virtual Team an Effective Team

An effective virtual team has the same qualities as an effective team working in close proximity. Effective virtual team members:

  • Collaborate. Team members share information, knowledge, ideas, views (including those of dissent), and experiences in order for the team to progress and pull together as a unit.
  • Trust each other. Each member needs to know that the others will honor their commitments and act in the best interest of the team.
  • Communicate. Each member agrees to respect the team’s priorities and communicates their work progress regularly.
  • Build and maintain relationships. In the absence of actual face-to-face meetings, each team member does his or her part to develop strong, trusting relationships with other team members by engaging in excellent communication practices.
  • Agree on work rules and processes. All team members work together to establish and observe basic guidelines, written down or not, that govern how they operate as a team. Disagreements and differences of opinion are honored, given a fair hearing, and resolved by a defined process.

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