How to Deal with Information Overload

Too much work. Too much information. Too much everything!

  • Disconnect once a day. In your time map, have a certain period where you’re disconnected. It’ll take some getting used to, but after awhile, you’ll probably look forward to your disconnected periods. You’ll likely get more work done, or feel more relaxed. Morning times are good for this.
  • Take mini-breaks. Even when you’re connected, you shouldn’t do it for hours at a time. Every 45 minutes or so, get up, walk away from your computer, stretch your legs, take a walk around your home or office. Or better yet, get outside, get some fresh air, and get a little perspective. It’s important.

Truth be told, a lot of this sounds like repackaged “improve your productivity” advice (and the article itself represents information overload — wouldn’t five or six tips be more logical?), but it’s still worth a look if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your work- and information-load. Got a tip of your own to add? Hit the Comments, you guru of information management, you!

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