The Right Tools for Content Marketing Success

The Practical Tools to Create Online Content.  Including Audio, Graphics and Video Having the Right Tools is a key to Maximising Content Marketing Success “Content creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts.” Typical forms of content creation include maintaining and updating … Continue reading

How to Create Great Social Media Content Strategy

Creating a Great Content Strategy is not quite as easy as some would have you think. This is why there are so few great content strategies. It is more than just writing stuff you think/hope that your audience (do you know them well?) want. Content and social media have a symbiotic relationship: Without great Content, … Continue reading

Advertising Research

Dr Brian Monger An important function of marketing and advertising research is to gather information needed for the development of the advertising campaign. Prior to campaign development the market is analysed to decide what kinds of things need to be known about the target market for the product.  Research Overview Perhaps little need for advertising … Continue reading

Disciplined Creativity

 Given a basic understanding of our product (including service) and knowledge of our intended media audiences (in terms of both demographics and psychographics), we can focus on the techniques, processes, and skills involved in creating effective advertising messages. First, however, we must have a clear conception of what “creativity” really is.   The creative writer-poet, … Continue reading


Dr Brian Monger Strategy and strategic planning is constantly in danger of becoming the punching-bag of dissatisfied managers because it has either not been properly understood or applied ineffectively.   For illustration, if we take a sample of the academic critique we find that:   Strategies have a tendency to emerge through an often haphazard … Continue reading

Managing Internal Marketing for Better Service Delivery – Part 2

Dr. Brian Monger Prerequisites for Successful Internal Marketing If internal marketing activities are implemented as a campaign only, or, even worse, as entirely separated activities without connections to other management factors, the risk that nothing enduring will be achieved is overwhelming.  The organisational structure and the strategy of the firm have to support the establishment … Continue reading

Managing Internal Marketing for Better Service Delivery – Part 1

Dr Brian Monger What is Intenal Marketing? An increasing number of firms have recognised the need for internal marketing processes. Today, internal marketing is considered a prerequisite for successful external marketing performance Internal marketing is a management strategy.  The focus is on how to develop customer-conscious employees.  Goods and services as well as specific external … Continue reading

On Being a Better Manager

Dr. Brian Monger What should good managers do? How do I manage better? These are standard questions that most of us in the management profession have been asked more than once. Here, then, is my take, on what it takes to be a better manager. Art and science Management is both art and science. It … Continue reading